Our July Monthly Meal Plan (and FREE Printable)

We’re officially halfway through the year – can you even believe it?! You might notice our meal plan looks a little different this month, but that’s because we’re expecting our newest little blessing to join our family VERY soon! It’s a little harder to meal plan for specific days when you just don’t know exactly when a little one will decide to come out!

This month I thought I’d share a quick rundown of the freezer meals I prepared for our family to use after baby arrives… I’ve linked a couple of recipes, but some of the meals are just family favorites we’ve been using for years! I hope this gives you a little inspiration for your own meal plan.

We do plan to keep breakfast the same this month, but we may switch things up the first week or so after baby is born… Cereal is just a whole lot easier to get on the table than muffins or scrambled eggs! Here’s what we usually have for breakfast around here…

  • Monday: Oatmeal
  • Tuesday: Scrambled Eggs (with toast or in burritos)
  • Wednesday: Homemade Granola with Yogurt
  • Thursday: Oatmeal
  • Friday: Muffins
  • Saturday: Cereal
  • Sunday: Smoothies and Granola

Lunches are a little less routine, and I anticipate they will be even more “go with the flow” this next month. It just seems to work best to have leftovers, sandwiches, quesadillas or snack lunches (crackers, cheese, fresh fruit and veggies, popcorn, whatever we can pull together quick).

And here’s what we prepped to have in our freezer for easy dinners…

  • Italian Meatballs (we have canned marinara on hand)
  • Taco Style Stuffed Shells
  • Lasagnas
  • Rotisserie Chicken (chopped and frozen in the amount we need for Chicken Pot Pie!)
  • Pulled Pork (for pulled pork sandwiches)
  • Spaghetti Sauce (for spaghetti or pasta bake!)
  • Chicken Enchiladas
  • Beef Enchilada Casseroles
  • Pre-Grilled Chipotle Chicken

While we have a good number of freezer meals prepped and ready for our family, I plan on us cooking some meals “fresh” and keeping some of these on hand for a couple of months. We also have cooked ground beef, pizza toppings, frozen hamburgers and other meat available to use in addition to these meals, so I’m hoping the transition is pretty smooth when it comes to food around here! I’ll try to remember to update you next month in case you’d like to do some freezer prep before a baby arrives or just to have on hand for easier cooking!

Here’s a link to our FREE meal planning printable if you want to plan meals for the whole month too, or use our meal planning inserts to keep your meal plan handy when you’re on the go!

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