It’s Okay to Plan without Stickers

Hi friend, can I ask you something?

Are you using your planner to its fullest potential? I mean, are you making it realllllly work for you, or are you just throwing down stickers to make it look cute for likes on Instagram?

I ask this because I was recently pondering why I use a planner… Like, deep down to the root reason. Sure, it’s fun to have something cute to look at, but what I really need is for my planner to be a tool, helping me stay on top of life with three littles, work, church and an overall busy life.

And I’m guessing you do too. #amiright?!

I want to give you permission to let go of the likes and make your planner work for you. I mean, you’re the one reaching into your toolbox, searching for the tools you need to get the job done, right?

If you’re in a season of just scratching down lists on a piece of note paper, it’s okay. I just went through a season of writing to do lists on my weekly inserts without using stickers; and if I’m being completely honest, it was a real struggle wondering whether it was “okay” {whatever that means} to look so plain. But you know what, things got done without the pretty stickers, and the tool was functional for what I needed in that season.

After all, isn’t that what planners are for anyway?

And because I know you’re wondering if I really, really went without stickers in my planner… Here’s a quick glimpse at a few of those weeks in my A5!

Simple Planning

Hope you have a great weekend, friend!

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